Hi, I'm Melanie ...

I am a photographer.

I am a manipulator of light.

A magician who can stop time, an enchangtor who can make your heart beat faster or take your breath away with one fascinating image.

I am blessed with two little Princesses, my Prince, and a life long passion for creating beautiful images that has taken me on a journey of discovery, enlightment and personal development for over 20 years.....

As a mum, I understand the journey, the experience and just how precious those little tiny people are to us. I can tell you time is precious and YES they do grow fast.... I wish there was a pause button in life .... not to catch up on the washing (that never ends!) but to treasure the fleeting moments and memorable days, the wonder of life that children bring to our everyday lives. How lucky am I to not only to be living my dream as a professional photographer, but to be part of sharing memories with everyday people like you. Making the most of precious times and the precious people in your lives with beautiful images you can treasure for a lifetime.